Subscription Order Modification Guide

Step 1: Select whether you want to pick up or have your meals delivered from the first tab at the top of the page.



Step 2: Select your meals from the drop down selectors. Please NOTE: any Protein+ options will be charged extra, the discount code only applies to your subscription amount. 

Step 3: After you have selected your meals, click ADD TO CART. Here you can choose your Delivery or Pickup Date before clicking CHECKOUT.

Step 4: Fill in your Shipping Info and then type in your discount code. 

Please NOTE: After applying the discount code you will be given a $0.00 order UNLESS you added something additional to your order such as Protein+ meals, which are not covered by your subscription.

Step 5: You will be asked for your credit card info to recognize your subscription but you will not be charged anything UNLESS something was added, which is not covered by your subscription. 


How To Pause/Cancel/ Or Skip Week To Your Subscription:

This can be done by creating an account through the website. Please follow these steps to help you successfully create an account:


    1. Click On The Account Button On The Top Right Corner Of The Site 
    2. If you have created an account you can log in to the account & Skip to step number 5 - If you have no account, click on " Create One" 
    3.  Register For An Account
    4. After registering, you will receive a verification email in order to activate you account - IT IS CRUCIAL TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL.
    5. Now that you have created your account, click "account" and log in to your account. 
    6. You can pause or cancel your subscription through the manage subscriptions section.

    7. Click On Your Active Subscription that you want to Pause/Skip Or Cancel.

    8. You can now make the necessary changes you want.

Please note: It is your responsibility to pause or cancel your subscription before the Friday of each week or you will be charged. No refunds will be given after that point. If you have any other questions about your subscription you can email us at or call us directly at 408-613-7413.


And that’s it! Enjoy your meals!